In the telecom industry, the expression "change is the only constant" applies to most of our functional areas.  Whether it's a new best practice, a new product, a new technology, or a new business process, we at Alliance want to help you and your organization stay on top of the latest thinking and provide you with "food for thought."  You gather your staff; we'll bring the food and a subject matter expert to your location to address one of the following items on our "menu":

·       How to migrate acquired subscribers to your current system

·       Billing System Upgrades:  Top 10 Challenges and Opportunities

·       How to select a new or replacement billing system  

·       IT Roadmaps:  Why You Need One and How to Create It

·       Revenue Assurance:  Is there a business case for automating your processes?

·        How to set up a PMO that fits your organization's size and goals

·        How to Write Good Requirements

·        Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle

·       Waterfall or Iterative:  Which methodology makes sense for you?

·       How to Streamline Your Testing Processes and Get to Market Sooner

·        Designing a Project Lessons Learned System

·       What are the benefits and limitations of Scrum and does it make sense for your PM environment?

·       Can an Information Technology Infrastructure Library help manage your IT systems?

These are topics we've offered to our clients, but we have the expertise to address many other subjects and we're happy to work with you to customize a session for your unique needs.

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