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Michael Thomas 

May 2014 to March 2015


Communications Technician II

Decommissioning project of a 40,000 sq/f data centre floor which involves circuit auditing and tracing, disconnecting of network equipment such as DACS, Lucent, DMS 100/500 and removal of bays.

  • Test, build and maintain circuits such as Fibre, Cat6 and Coax cabling.
  • Perform facilities maintenance such as troubleshooting, repairing and replacing servers and computing components in a mission critical environment.
  • Rack-mounting of servers and other electronic equipment weighing up to 70 pounds.
  • Receive, unpack, and do inventory of equipment from vendors.
  • Process critical-spares equipment utilizing inventory tools such as SAP and CRC.
  • Attend weekly meetings with management, engineers and technicians to review progress of past, current and plans of future projects.

  May 2013 to May 2014



Coordinated 40 to 50 projects daily which involved liaising with project managers, field technicians, network designers and telecommunication companies.

  • Ordered loops and circuits from various telecommunication companies for the install, porting, cancellation or migration of internet and data services.
  • Utilized various ticketing systems (OTS, IBIS, IES, CLOC, RMS CLICK Scheduling, Remedy, CAPPS) for tracking, monitoring, scheduling and sequencing of task stages.
  • Investigated and escalated provisioning issues involving orders to network designers, delivery and field technician management to maintain target due dates.
  • Appraised delivery managers and business customers of installation time lines and status of final delivery.
  • Monitored sufficiency of correct equipment for technicians and ensured security clearance to colocation centres.
  • Doubled own workload to backup colleagues during their absences.

Feb 2012 to May 2013



Provided technical support in a 24/7 environment for small to large businesses with  service incidents and moves/additions/changes of internet and network services such as ATM, BGP, T1, Ethernet, ADSL, VOIP, DNS, Web Hosting and domain e-mail.

  • Assisted customers in configuration of servers, firewalls, PCs for connectivity to an array of network services.
  • Performed surveillance, maintenance, faults isolation and troubleshooting of network switches and routers from vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, Zhone Malc and Ciena.
  • Utilized collaborative diagnostic efforts between service departments, ISPs, suppliers and vendors to achieve rapid response and resolution to customer impacting situations.
  • Followed up with clients via telephone and e-mail to ensure quality of services were met.


Dec 1999 to Feb 2012




  • Initial acceptance of trouble reports
  • Interface with customers and internal staff
  • Responsible for testing closing and or/routing for internal dispatch and or external     dispatch to field service contractor
  • Understanding of all line features associated with the DMS 500/DMS 250 such as Servord activation PSTN.CW,CF.3WC.CCW,CFB,CFDA, DGT ATM, ADSL, and DSL Frame Relay T1 and PRI testing and basic Voice over IP testing ..
  • Through understanding of Octel Voice mail activation resetting passwords via resetting mailbox to DN.
  • Post lines in MAPCI to check for capacitance and resistance on lines and associated line cards               

 June 1997 to Dec 1999.

Optel Communications Corporation

Network Operations Center: Test Technician

Duties and Responsibilities

 Responsible for surveillance control and management of Optel’s voice and data transport network.

  • Responsible for changes made to the DMS 500’s switching, transport and network infastructure. When testing, I was responsible for posting lines in Mapci to check for capacitance call from interswitch/ intraswitch run as well as conducting diagnostic tests on the lines and the associated line cards.
  • Participated in Optels substantial migration project (from ILEC-Bell Canada to Optel.)  By porting numbers in NPAC, testing in PG+ and confirmation of loop installations while reviewing the ECCKT number records.
  • Proficient with the Octel voicemail system.also sometimes site visit to customer’s site to do
  • Cross connects at d-marc between phone system and d-marc.

June 1992 to September 1994


Network Access Controller/Programmer


Dealt with field technicians and customers to migrate 7,000 customers to Sprint’s long distance network. Identified clients subscribed services and re-Programmed customers’ telecommunications hardware. Trained on the Micro-phone plus 2.0 software package which is used to program the Mitel smart one Dialers.





1988-1989 Computer Operations Certificate


Successfully completed self paced, individualized program in Data Processing Concepts MS DOS, Lotus Spreadsheet, Interactive, Data Communications, d Base III plus, Mainframe Operating Systems, and JCL




Roscoe, SAR3, Radar, Merlin, JCL, MS-DOS, Microphone Plus, Lotus d Base, IBM 3090, Storagetek 5000 Printers, Storagetek 4674 Disk Drives, 3480 Disk Drives and 3228 Tape Drives. IBM 4381, ES 9000, MVS/XA, DOSE/VSE, VM/CMS, POWER, CICS, JES2, TSO2, TMS, CA-1, WINDOWS 3.1.,TBS/TMS, Servord, Remedy, CMS, Excel. IBIS,


Nortel DMS 500 Training including; MDX Troubleshooting Activation and Translations Issues, DMS SuperNode Meridian Digital Centrex (MDC), Fundamentals of Internet, DMS Supernode System Maintenance-Technical Overview (CBT), Introduction to AccessNode User Interface and OAM&P Concepts, Fundamentals of Telecommunications, Fundamentals of Switching, Fundamentals of Local Number Portability, Fundamentals of Networks, Basic Service for DMS SuperNode Lines, Sonet Overview, AccessNode Overview, Introduction to DMS SuperNode, Introduction to DMS SuperNode Translations, Basic Call and Translations Concepts  and Fundamentals of Data Communications



Timothy Peart is a highly accomplished Enterprise Architect with broad telephony and cable experience. He is a ‘Big Picture’ Visionary, able to drive both overall concept and constituent details.

Timothy has worked for major carriers in the telecommunication industry including: CenturyLink, Qwest, Insight Communications, Charter Communications, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable. As an architect he is experienced with SOA and Tibco. Timothy has deep experience in the full life cycle of the software and system creation process; from the initial capture of requirements and system and data architecture & definition, through the design, implementation and test phases, to the achievement of product acceptance and deployment and on-going operational satisfaction for the final user.



 Qwest/CenturyLink                                                    11/07 – 4/12


IBB Consulting for InGrid Inc.                                      3/07 – 7/07

      System Architect

Hitachi Consulting for Insight Communications               5/06 – 9/06

      Analyst/System Engineer

TRG for Charter Communications                                 5/04 – 9/05

      System Architect/Technical Manager

TRG for Time Warner Cable                                        1/04 – 4/04

      System Analyst  

AIC for Qwest Communications                                 10/00 – 6/02

      System Architect

TMNG for AT&T                                                      4/00 – 10/00

      Architectural Advisor/System Engineer

AIC for US West Communications                               1/95 – 4/00

      Analyst/System Engineer/Project Manager

 AIC for TCI                                                                8/94 – 1/95

      Analyst/System Engineer

 CTA                                                                           1/88 – 7/94

      Program Manager/Senior System Engineer

DCSI                                                                        2/85 – 11/87

        Senior Software/Design Engineer



·        Domains: 
Master Data Management (MDM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Telco/Cableco Provisioning, Product Definition, Ordering, Billing

·        Operating Systems: 
UNIX (several), LINUX (several), MacOSX, Windows, Several Legacy Mainframes/Midframes

·        Applications/Tools:
BEA WebLogic, Rational Design/Requirements Tools, TIBCO BPMS, Visual-Paradigm UML modeler, Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM), SalesForceDotCom (SFDC), AptTus, Big Machines, Talend, Informatica

·        Languages / Protocols / Database:
ADA, Agile (development), ALGOL, Applescript, Assembler (many), BASIC, BEA WebLogic Server, BEA WebLogic Integration, C, C++, CGI, COBOL, CORAL, ESRI (mapping), FORTRAN, FTP, GIS, GUI, HTML, HTTP, HSDS, INCOGNITO, JEE (was J2EE), JAVA (& JAVA BEANS), JAVASCRIPT, JMETER, JSP, LAMP, MIDI, MS‑Project, MySQL, Oracle (including RAC), PASCAL, PERL, PHP, Python, RUBY, SAN, Shell (various), SOA, SOAP, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, TCP/IP, Tibco ESB, Sybase, RUP, UML, VoIP, Web Services, XML


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of Hertfordshire, England.


·         IBM RUP Training, UML, BEA WebLogic Server, BEA WebLogic Integration & BEA Tuxed

·         Object Oriented Design, Capability Maturity Model (CMMI) 


“Applying Dimensional Analysis”

ACM - 1993



Ms. Harrison is a Senior Telecommunications Business Analyst/SME with over 15 years of experience working in the SDLC process from discovery through functional requirements, design, testing, implementation and post implementation support. She has worked with clients including Alaska Communication Systems, Cricket Communications, Level 3 Communications, TelePacific Communications, Comcast, InComm, Vero Systems, Nextel, Teligent, Broadwing, MCI and ATT.   She has significant telecom experience including Revenue Assurance, Least Cost Routing, Tariff Management, Dispute Management, Subscriber and CABS billing and Interconnect/Reciprocal Compensation.  Charlotte is skilled at facilitating JAD sessions, developing requirements and use cases as well as creating process flow charts. 

Charlotte’s experience includes extensive knowledge of usage data for both wire line and wireless including voice, data, Interconnect, VOIP, in-collect, out-collect, post-paid and pre-paid.  She has solid knowledge of usage data formats such as AMA, ACME, EMI, EDI, ISDN, Packet-Cable Diameter RF, vendor proprietary CDRs, mediation and other billing system formats along with significant experience in determining and documenting business requirements, functional requirements, use cases and test cases.


Alliance Telecom Solutions                                                                    05/12 – 5/13

      Alaska Communications Systems

Comcast Cable                                                                                     02/11 – 01/12

Alliance Telecom Solutions                                                                  08/10 – 01/11

      Cricket Communications

Comcast Cable, Denver, CO                                                                 06/09 – 07/10

TelePacific Communications, Denver, CO                                            02/08 – 11/08

InComm, Atlanta, GA                                                                          04/07 – 02/08

Subex Azure, Inc., Broomfield, CO                                                             02/06 – 02/07

Vero Systems, Atlanta, GA                                                                  04/04 – 11/05

Nextel, Atlanta, GA                                                                             09/02 – 02/04

BusinessEdge Solutions, NJ                                                                  06/00 – 05/02

      Senior Consultant

Teligent, Reston, VA                                                                            12/98 –06/00

      IT Manager




 B.A. in Business Administration

      San Diego State University

Certificate in Management and Supervision

      Portland State 

5023 Darlene Drive *Gurnee, Illinois 60031 USA

847-782-1500 * Fax: 847-983-6167 *