Since our inception in 1994, Alliance has focused on the telecom industry with a special focus on billing systems support and operations system support.  We offer the following services in our Billing Practice:

  1. System Selection

Selecting a brand new system or replacing an existing one is a multi-million dollar decision with broad implications for your IT budget and structure. The best system for your business will ease the process of implementing new products for your business, and your ability to track and improve your revenue flows.

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  1. Systems Integration

When we started Alliance in 1994, systems integration was a relatively simple matter of ensuring that voice call records made it from the switch to the bill.  Today, carriers have a complex ecosystem that involves integration to many more network and IT elements, along with interfaces to multiple third-party partners.

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  1. Systems Conversions

In telecom, change is the only constant.  You may have just acquired another carrier and need to convert them to your platform; your vendor may be exiting the business; or, your system no longer meets your business requirements.  In every instance, systems conversions are complex projects requiring strong technical and functional expertise.  Alliance has managed conversions to and from systems in operation around the globe.  We provide deep knowledge at both the functional and data levels of your project.

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  1. Converged Services

As profit margins on voice services continue to decline, the race is on for carriers to offer triple-play or quad-play services, using their own networks or through partnerships.  Integrated billing is critical to this offering.

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  1. Process Improvement

Alliance focuses on process improvements in both business process and software development life cycle processes.  On the business side, a requirement from your marketing team may have far reaching implications in areas such as customer support, point of sale or bill rendering.  On the software development side, ensuring that you have implemented best practices for requirements gathering, project prioritization, and testing can make or break your ability to deliver what the business requires.

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