Did you know… "5G refers to wireless technology that isn't expected to be deployed until 2020 at the earliest," 

Key findings of 5G Development Plans Begin to Take Shape include:
•    The race is on to be first with 5G for national governments as well as technology vendors 
•    The European Union was early to fund and promote 5G research projects 
•    5G visions prepare for 1,000 times more mobile traffic and 100 times more connected devices by 2020
•    Connecting things and M2M are common themes in most 5G visions
•    Energy efficiency may be a key metric and designed into 5G systems
•    Spectrum for 5G is eyed in millimeterwave bands 
•    New licensing regimes and spectrum sharing will be necessary 
•    The current exploratory research phase for 5G will continue for next 12 to 18 months

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