Event Processing Solution for VoIP

For a Major Carrier

SITUATION:  A leading North American telecom carrier wanted to launch a triple play bundle using Voice over IP (VoIP) for their primary line service.  VoIP provided them with a lower cost basis but added complexity to their triple play launch.  The service needed to be integrated with their recently launched IPTV product to provide video as well as their high speed Internet service.  Time to market was of critical importance because several of the carrier’s competitors had already launched VoIP.


·         Functional expertise in event processing, including guiding and rating the VoIP records.

·         Domain expertise in Amdocs Enabler billing modules, specifically in Acquisition & Formatting, Product-Catalog, Rater, Customer Management and Invoicing.

·         Access to specialized resources within the Alliance team.

·         Ability to adapt to client’s changing business requirements as market conditions evolved.

SOLUTION:  Alliance participated in the development team to accelerate implementation of a cutting edge billing solution for the new VoIP product. Our involvement included design, development and testing the BSS/OSS components required to launch VoIP.  First we designed and developed the new format for the Amdocs Acquisition and Formatting (A&F) component.  Then we conducted testing to ensure that the VoIP input event from the switch was successfully processed by A&F component and that the output to downstream applications was in compliance with the client’s requirements.  Lastly, we ensured that the design of VoIP event was compatible with other Amdocs modules such as Customer Management, Product Catalog and Rater.

RESULTS:  In only five months the client was ready with the implementation of the new product. The client saw VoIP services as the way for the company to open the doors to its new markets.



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