Billing System Upgrade to Support

Triple Play Offering


SITUATION:   A leading North American telecom carrier was launching a triple play bundle using Voice over IP (VoIP) for their primary line service, IPTV, and high speed Internet service.  In order to successfully launch the triple play offering, the carrier needed to adapt their legacy OSS/BSS systems to order, provision, rate, bill, and collect for the new services.  This was a highly complex process spanning several continents over multiple years.  The records of millions of existing customers needed to be seamlessly migrated and the new system needed to successfully handle millions more.  After having worked with Alliance on previous projects, the client selected Alliance as their only third party partner on the OSS/BSS migration.



    Deep expertise in Amdocs Enabler and Ensemble architecture, data structures, tables and libraries, specifically Order Management System, Accounts Receivable, Customer Support Management, and Flexible Bill Formatter.

    Systems analysis skills to ensure that the client's requirements were met in all deliverables.

    Training skills to successfully transfer knowledge and expertise to client's permanent staff members.

    Project management skills to manage costs and keep a complex undertaking on target.


SOLUTION:  There were three major components of Alliance's work on this project.  

The first component was the OSS/BSS migration, development and integration work.  We were instrumental in writing, testing and executing migration scripts to convert customer and system date from the old billing system to a new system that would support triple play services.  Additionally, our team played a critical role in the design, development and testing of modifications to the new billing system to support the client's specific requirements.  We also built and tested interfaces to multiple third party systems, including credit checking, provisioning and payment processing.

The second component of our contribution involved our SWAT team.  The client requested that an elite group of our domain experts serve in an oversight role that involved reviewing proposals of other consulting and software companies to identify ways to reduce costs and produce better code.  This demonstrated the client's deep trust of our expertise and integrity.

The third component of our work was training.  Our subject matter experts substantially increased the client's intellectual capital by transferring detailed OSS/BSS knowledge through day-to-day interactions, training sessions and extensive documentation.  From the beginning, the Alliance team understood that a substantial aspect of our contribution was to educate the client on modules, interfaces and methodologies and give the client the ability to troubleshoot issues and maintain high standards after the project ended.



    When Alliance joined the project, the client was experiencing an average of 120 defects per release on the A/R module of Enabler.  After five months of our involvement, there were zero defects per release.

    The SWAT team's oversight of incoming proposals, code and documentation resulted in improved quality, closer adherence to schedules, and lower rates quoted by software vendors. 

    The training process substantially increased the intellectual capital of the client's employees, thereby allowing them to decrease future dependence on software vendors and third party resources.


TESTIMONIAL:  "We had an immediate lift in knowledge when Alliance joined our project.  Their expertise helped us ask the right questions and ferret out software that needed revision.  They dramatically improved the quality of our code; they identified 240 substantial issues on their review of the initial design and over the course of our first phase together, they found hundreds, if not thousands, of issues in the code.  Uncovering those issues early in the process made for much quicker and easier fixes.

"I worked extensively with Alliance management for more than five years on this project and observed they were an extraordinarily helpful partner.  They were very responsive and brought on good people with the attitude of wanting to help any way they could.  The relationships were not just based on money; the character of their people was outstanding.  They were reasonable, understanding, thoughtful, and kept an open mind.  I nominated them for Vendor of the Year in 2007 and they were one of 40 companies selected from more than 10,000 vendors."  

Senior Technical Director


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