Billing Solution for a Telecom Carrier on Acquisition

of Another Telecom Carrier


SITUATION:   After acquiring a rival wireless carrier, a leading North American wireless carrier wanted to merge their acquisition’s accounts and billing system into their current billing system to improve operational efficiency.  The primary goal was to migrate the customers of the acquired wireless carrier to the current billing system and avoid maintaining multiple billing systems.  In the process, the carrier wanted to provide the same or similar services to the customers, improve the customer experience, minimize the impact on the current billing systems and processes, and also minimize revenue loss.  

OUR EXPERTISE:  Domain expertise in Amdocs Enabler Billing modules, specifically in Product-Catalog, Rater, Customer Management, Billing and Accounts Receivable.  

·    Analytical expertise to map the customers from other billing system to the existing billing system for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

·   Functional expertise in rating, billing, revenue analysis and Accounts Receivable.

·   Expertise in application applications and validation of the conversion process.

·   Certifications in key telecom-specific domains.

SOLUTION:  Alliance was brought in during the planning phase to expedite the conversion.  We led the conversion testing team with six resources.  This involved creating blended usage records and bills with elements of each billing system to ensure the conversion testing would reflect all scenarios.  We were also responsible for navigating issues through proper channels and defining streamlined processes and procedures.

RESULTS:  In fewer than nine months the client was able to map the product catalog and perform the conversion with three major test runs.  The client was able to successfully audit the bills, financial reports and financial activities. 

TESTIMONIAL:  " Alliance's expertise in the details of rating and billing system modules was critical to the success of this project.  They helped us to quickly and seamlessly convert to a single system, delivering better service to our customers and operational efficiency to our back office."  

Senior Business and Systems Analyst, National Wireless Carrier


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