SITUATION:  Over a six-year period BellSouth International completed an acquisition program throughout Central and South America .  Eventually they had operations in 11 countries. These properties were usually serving less than 250,000 subscribers, and the business model required capacity for several million.  The client needed experienced help to supplement their internal staff in evaluating the capabilities and creating a plan to upgrade the capability of the acquired property.

SOLUTION: Alliance worked with them on a number of projects.  We performed IT due diligence, post acquisition of new properties, to determine the capacity and create an IT roadmap.  Most of the follow-on work was to support the implementations of new billing systems to expand capacity.  These systems included Kennan and Amdocs.  Alliance also implemented peripheral systems.

In smaller markets, such as Guatemala and Panama , our team provided most of the outside consulting to implement the systems, do readiness testing, and refine or build best business practice for the new bill production group.

BellSouth won the B band license in Brazil and Alliance assisted in the implementation.  BSI brought in one of the big four consulting companies as the prime integrator. Alliance provided Program Managers to manage the integration, the billing vendor, and to make sure the system was fully tested. Each Program Manager handled a specific process, such as billing, point of sale and inventory, and the business process surrounding their area. Because of the tremendous demand, BSI pre-signed enough subscribers to open the market near network capacity on day one.

Alliance consultants average over 12 years of industry experience.  Program Management, Project Management, and the business process to support OSS and BSS systems are core services for Alliance.  We have provided Subject Matter experts and consultants with specific experience on your systems since 1994.

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