Situation:   A leading telecom giant in North America, after recent acquisitions of a major long distance carrier and another big wireless carrier, wanted to launch new content and triple play services, bill them and also ensure timely revenue generation.  With huge investments in infrastructure and futuristic synergies, time was of essence to the client.  They sought a quick ROI through the introduction of new-generation mobile, broadband and wireless services.  Their primary goals were to acquire, maintain and manage customer account balances and provide timely financial reports.

Our Expertise:

¨      Functional expertise in Accounts Receivable, Billing, Prepaid and Post Paid

¨      Certifications in key telecom-specific domains

¨      Domain expertise in Amdocs Enabler Billing modules, specifically in Product-Catalog, Rater, Customer Management, Billing and Accounts Receivable

¨      Experience in the execution of four new product projects, 20 sustaining projects and 14 end-of-life projects

¨      Access to specialized resources

¨      Ability to adapt and scale to flexible business model, as per client organization

Solution:   Alliance participated in SWAT teams to accelerate implementation of a cutting edge billing solution.   Alliance consultants provided insights in maintaining postpaid customer account balances by responding to the financial activities of billing and by handling payments, credits, backouts, fund transfers, deposits and other financial activities.  Alliance consultants also helped configure journaling and mapped financial activities performed both within Accounts Receivable and by external components.

Results:   In only seven months the client was able to extract and report general ledger information to external GL systems.  The client was also able to provide financial reports and auditing of financial activities that produced a net savings of over 20+ man-years.  The client was rewarded with a tremendous increase in their mass market initiatives.

CLIENT’S COMMENT:   “We were looking to provide the ability to maintain, and enhance customer account balances in a direct and personal way.  By managing everything from planning, development and Go-Live support, Alliance gives their clients the resources they need to grow their IT businesses.”

 Senior Technical Director, Accounts Receivable Technology Group


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