Consulting through Alliance offers these unique benefits and challenges:

Flexibility: Consulting offers more flexibility than a traditional corporate job. You choose the type of work you would like to perform, the geographic areas you're willing to consider, the weeks you would like to work, and the type of professional environment that suits you best. We'll match you with a position that closely fits your needs, preferences, and abilities.

Independence and no office politics: As a contract consultant, you'll have little supervision. Clients will expect you to manage your time and achieve specific goals within certain deadlines. It can be fun and exciting--especially if you find that a little pressure and chaos brings out the best in you! And if you hate office gossip, you'll like consulting. Associates don't become involved with office politics because assignments are goal-oriented and short-term.

A more strategic view: Clients give our associates a strategic overview of the project and explain how it fits into the company's overall objectives. Each project will add to your knowledge of the industry and heighten your expertise.

More money: You may be accustomed to being paid as an exempt salaried employee. As an Alliance consultant, however, you'll be paid for each hour you work. Our associates typically earn 15-20% more as consultants than they did as a traditional employees, and Alliance provides for their housing and living expenses away from home. In addition, you'll receive a generous benefits package that includes expense reimbursement; a complete insurance package including hospitalization, dental, major medical insurance and life insurance; and a 401K plan after one year of service.

A chance to see the world: Our projects are located all over the United States, Europe, and South America. Working away from home is a big decision, however, and it's one that you'll want to make with the important people in your life.

Assistance in achieving your career goals:  The founders of Alliance have a combined 33 years of technical staffing and telecommunications experience. They can offer you the opportunity to gain new skills and become ready to accept even more challenging positions in the wireless industry.

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